The Most Popular Sports In The World

Sports are played all over the world, whether as a hobby, career or as part of a fitness regimen. Various sports have grown in popularity and have amassed a huge following throughout the world. The rules and features of these games are dynamic and are administered by international organizations.
Most of these sports are at the Olympic Games, where different countries from all over the world compete against each other. Sports are also a lucrative industry, especially in developed countries with billions of dollars in revenue.
It is estimated that more than half of the world population considers themselves a football/Soccer follower.

Football (Soccer) – 4 Billion Fans

Football, or Soccer is the most famous sport in our world. The game has an estimated 4.0 billion individual and global influence. Ancient football dates back to the early second century China. The Romans, Greeks, and Japanese are also considered as the first players in the game. Contemporary football began in England, where it gained considerable interest and spread to other parts of the world. This game is more popular in America and Europe than any other continents. The game consists of two teams of 11 players and two goals. The purpose of the sport is to make a ball into the defensive goal of the opposing team.

Cricket – 2.5 Billion Fans

Cricket is estimated at around 2.5 billion which has a global following, and its main influence is in the UK and Commonwealth countries. The jewel of the game was England in the 16th century and was made a national sport in the country in the 18th century. The game consists of two teams of eleven players where each team tries to score maximum. The game is very popular in former British colonies such as India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Australia.

Field Hockey – 2 Billion Fans

Field hockey is estimated to have a global following of 2 billion fans worldwide and looks at its core influence in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. The modern field hockey game was first played in England in the 1800s. The game is similar to most football except that players use sticks to move the ball instead of the foot. The game is played extensively in India, Australia, and Pakistan, with the strongest teams in the game.

Tennis – 1 Billion Fans

Tennis has a billion followers and an estimated global following of global influence. Different versions of the game are believed to have been played by the Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks, though modern sports were first popularized in France. In this game, two teams of two or two players are played in each and this involves bouncing the ball over the net using a tennis racket. Points are earned when the opponent rectangle does not throw the ball back to the default dimension of the court.

Volleyball – 900 Million Fans

The main impact of volleyball is found in Western Europe and North America, and the game is estimated to have 900 million fans worldwide. This game was invented in America by William G. Morgan in 1895. He was part of the Young Men’s Christian Association as an instructor and borrowed elements from basketball, tennis, handball, and baseball. The game has grown in modern-day games over the past year, consisting of two teams of 6 players who throw the ball over a net.

Table Tennis – 875 Million Fans

Table Tennis enjoys global influence and is estimated to have 875 million followers worldwide. The game began in the 19th century in England as a miniature version of sports lawn tennis. This game is widely known as “Ping Pong”. The modern game involves two teams of two to four players, including the use of racquet to lighten the net on a hard table. Strong global sporting countries include South Korea, Sweden, and China.

Basketball – 825 Million Fans

Estimate in basketball. 825 million followers, and proud to have global influence. This game was invented by Dr. James Nesmith in Massachusetts in 1891 in the United States of America. He created it as a football alternative since the game could be played indoors and it was less likely to be an accident. In this game, two teams of every five players are played where the ball is to be hit with a hoop 10 feet above the ground.

Baseball – 500 Million Fans

Baseball is estimated to have 500 million global followers and is gaining high levels of popularity in the United States, the Caribbean, and Japan. The game is a bat and ball game consisting of two teams of nine players, who take part in batting and fielding to earn points. Different versions of the game were played in the United States in the nineteenth century before gaining popularity nationwide. From the United States, the game spread to other parts of the world and developed into the modern game that is being played today.

Rugby – 475 Million Fans

Rugby has its primary influence in the UK and the Commonwealth and has an estimated global follow-up of 475 million people. The game of modern times was founded in medieval England. From Britain, it spread to British colonies like Australia and New Zealand. In this game two teams of every 15 teams are playing, who takes the ball to the finish line, kick or pass to score points.

Golf – 450 Million Fans

The estimated global follow-up of golf is estimated at 450 million people and has a major impact in Western Europe, East Asia, and North America. Golf is played by different clubs to target the ball, but more often a stroke is used. The modern game was first played in Scotland, from where it spread throughout the UK and around the world. When it comes to golf, don’t forget to visit South Africa’s No. 1 online golf store.

The overview of Most Popular Sports In The World

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