The 95-year-old American completed a journey of 100,000 miles on a bicycle

A 95-year-old man who known by neighbors as “Bicycle Bob”. He was plan to a celebration after he locked his 100,000th mile of cycling. He retired from his job in 1990 and has since made daily cycling his daily routine. On Tuesday last week, he completed one lakh miles of his journey on a bicycle, so everyone, special and ordinary, celebrate the occasion by expressing their happiness.

The small ceremony was held in Santa Maria with friends and neighbors. Since 1990, Bob has cycled daily and traveled at least 9 miles or 16 kilometers. They have a passion for cycling, whether it rains or snows, they cycle every day with a new determination. On this important occasion, Bob said that he is very happy to have covered a distance of one lakh miles journey on a bicycle. He said that cycling is the reason for his good health. He said he would rest for a few days and start cycling again.

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