Sympathy of Close Ones Works Like Medicine for Patient

It is very difficult and painful time for the patient in hospital. Visiting the patient in this time has a very positive affect on his recovery.
There is no doubt that medicines play vital role in the treatment of patient but according to one research there is one other thing that helps patient in his or her fast recovery.

National health service of Britain’s recent research showed that patients their are enrolled in the hospitals show positive affect on their health when some relative or close friends come to meet them.
Researchers also explained that meeting close ones helps patients in a speedy and less painful recovery.
According to one service it is said that Britain national health service hospital’s almost 40% enrolled patients never got a visit from anyone close to them.

Another research in which almost 200 royal voluntary service nurses were given a survey form which gave the same result that patients whom no one came to visit to healed slowly with the same medicines as compared to those who’s family or friends came to visit them.

One experiment was conducted related to this research in that experiment in the first part of that experiment a hot rod were put on the arms of women who were standing with their husband holding their hands and in the second part women’s husband were not standing with them. The result of this experiment was that the women who were holding bands of their husbands felt very minor pain as compared to the ones who were standing alone. Researchers said that visits of close one are almost equal to painkillers for the patients.

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