Poor mental health also has an impact on the economy

Often employees in the office experience emotional stress when they are faced with the manager’s harsh and bitter attitude. However, overwork is also one of the reasons for this.
Mental stress can be extremely detrimental to a person’s health as well as mentally ill due to work issues.

In this regard, the head of Britain’s Lloyds Banking Group has warned everyone that companies that ignore employees ‘mental health problems increase the chances of such employees’ lives and family relationships becoming worse.

One study also shows that companies that ignore the mental health of employees have a huge impact on the economy.
Employees’ mental health problems cost businesses and the economy $ 40 billion a year, according to a Delveit study.

Companies usually usually have 2 employees absent while the rest of the employees are physically present in the office but their focus is not on work, which causes companies to spend 9 days annually.
Another survey revealed that nearly half of the company’s employees also talk to their head about mental health issues.

After getting these surveys report, now we better understand that Poor mental health also has an impact on the economy. Experts say that if stress is exceeded, it can prove fatal as well as affect people’s lives.

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