Plastic contained in water can be taken out of bubbles

The strange and fascinating system of the world has been planted on a river in Amsterdam district of Westerdok. At the bottom of the stream a smooth platform bubbles upward, with the bottom plastic also coming up and accumulating at the edges.

This system can prevent a large amount of plastic from going into the sea. This system establishes a wall of bubbles between the two sides of the stream at this point, and the air flows through the flowing plastic over which it is deposited. This process does not harm the boat and the animals inside.

Its makers think that this process also plays an important role in preventing hazards by increasing the amount of oxygen in the water. In the Netherlands this tube is placed at a certain angle in the water so that the plastic litter rises above the surface and accumulates in one place. Although it is a three-year pilot project, the initial experience has been very promising.

The system is mounted on one side of the river Esol and already absorbs 86% of the falling plastic in the North Sea.

We know that 80 million metric tons of plastic is being collected in the oceans every year, which gets there through rivers and rivers, and is becoming a marine life for marine life. In this case, the wall of the bubbles can prevent plastic contamination.

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