Make Everything Automatic by Adaprox FingerBoat

The quadrilateral robot shown in the picture can open or close any button controlled by the robot’s phone app. It can make counting devices automatic and smart.

It’s named ‘Fingerboat’, which looks like a miniature square cube. Fingerboat powered by 3D printers can open and close every switch with its fingertips. You can also control it from the app or switch it on or off by a timer, whether it’s the TV switch or the house lights on or off.

Although there are hardware or software that can make the entire home fully automated. But first they cost too much. Secondly it’s not easy to add new devices. That’s why Fingerboat is built to work on any device connected to its switch. On the other hand, it also costs very little. Fingerboat makers have called it the “remote control finger”.

If you’ve forgotten to turn off the lights when leaving the house, it’s easy to turn off the lights with just a touch of the phone. Similarly, it is very easy to operate juicers, washing machines, lawn mowers and other appliances. Just stick the robot like a machine finger on a switch and it’ll do the rest.

It was developed by Adaprox Company. Fingerboat can be used to push, pull and flip any switch. Similarly, home-controlled voice-controlled software such as Siri or Google can also run fingerprints.

The Blue Tooth Range of Fingerboat is 50 meters, but the addition of a hardware can increase this distance. That way you can even heat the heater or air-conditioning before stepping into the house.

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