Interesting Story of a Sheep

Australia: The sheep, which fled after a fire in the barn, returned to its owner seven years later.

The mob was named Prekels, who fled in 2013 after a fire broke out in the surrounding grass. Farmer Alice Gray said it was badly damaged by the fire, after which she was the only sheep that escaped. This was followed by a 50 km wide fence on 200 acres of fields.

The incident took place on a large farm on the Australian island of Tasmania, where a sheep had fled. But the crowd was also seen in some cameras around. However, it may have been difficult for him to return after the fence was erected. After that, the owners of the sheep were disappointed with his return. Meanwhile, it was the child’s party in the house when a sheep full of wool appeared.

The family then grabbed the crowd and put it in the car, which was rounded by a lot of hair. That is why she could not run away and was easily caught.

According to expert’s estimates, sheep wool can weigh several dozen kilograms.

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