How Can Sell Your Art to Interior Designers

Sell the art to interior designers, and increase exposure? Get started with our “6 steps” to add interior designers to your Art Buyers repository and increase your overall revenue in the art business.

Keep Up your self with the Design Trends

Pay attention to the colors and patterns that are trending in the design world. For example, the 2018 Pant one Color of the Year is ultraviolet, which means that everything from bedding and paint to carpets and sofas has followed it. Designers often look for artwork that complements but do not match the trends of interior design. Knowing this, you can create art that works well with existing styles. No word on what the color of the year will be.

Build Up Your Body of Work

You never know exactly what an interior designer should look for or how many pieces to buy. It is always wise to choose pieces for an interior designer. If you have a technique or process that allows you to sell big things at low prices and still make good profits, use them to your advantage. If not, consider showing designers small pieces that make a statement when hung together.

Find the Interior Designers

You can find interior designers via the American Society of Interior Designers, by joining the ASID Industry Partners LinkedIn group, or simply Internet search by search engines “interior designers in your area”. When they are in the market for a new piece, interior designers often visit studio tours, art shows, and gallery venues. These are great places to contact.

Check if Your Work Is a Good and Compatible

Find out interior designers and their styles before finishing. You want to make sure you find a designer whose work is compatible with yours. Check out their websites whether they focus on modern minimalism, a colorful look, classic beauty, or bold colors. And, especially pay special attention to the art that they choose to display in their portfolios. Do they only use broom scenes or bold abstract paintings? You want to make sure your art complements its design.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media is fast becoming a new niche to discover online, especially Instagram.
So, post amazing work on your channels and follow the interior designers you want to work with. The more interesting and unusual the work is, the more attention will be drawn to it. For example, if you usually create square work, examine circular work instead. If you’ve worked with an interior designer, ask if you could share a picture of your artwork with their design.

Reach Out to Interior Designers

Interior designers ‘work is very connected to the artists’. Many people can’t complete their projects without perfect artwork, so don’t be afraid to reach out. If you’ve done your homework, your art may be exactly what they’re looking for.
Once you have the honor of working with the designers you want to work with, send them some digital portfolio pages and send them to your website or artwork archive public profile page. Or, call them and ask if they need an art form? You can offer to stay in their office and show them the art they think they will love.

Put These Steps into Action and Reap the Benefits

Interior designers are a great way to increase exposure and increase your revenue as you sell and work for art online, or get more gallery representation. Your word of mouth spreads when people see your work in your friends’ and family’s homes, and when designers see the pens of their peers.
However, keep in mind that while the interior design market is high, the tastes and desires of the clients may be great. Another way to increase your revenue and grow your audience is to use interior designers rather than create your only business strategy.

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