A Woman Raising about 150 Snails

Although there is a tendency in the world to keep strange pets, a woman has decided to adopt snails. Today this famous women is a self-described “Amazing Snail Lady” with 150 shelled gastropods in her care. Nevertheless, i appreciate his honest effort.

The 40-year-old Pepper Apollo from the UK. In a documentary, she says that ten years ago she fell in love with snails and now whether it is social media profiles, snails will appear everywhere in her posts. However, they have a large number of shell snails.

She says that the majority of people consider snails to be slow, useless and brainless insects, but they have complex emotions and in addition to making decisions, they also have memory, whether it has been scientifically proven or not. According to him, no one knows snails better than him.

There are many types of snails in their homes and they prepare delicious food for them several times a day. He has also posted documents on his social media account based on snail breeding, their breeding and other instructions.

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