2020 Smart Face Mask Can Translate Languages

2020 Smart Face Mask Has Been Developed For Translating Languages

Tokyo: We’ve been seeing for six months that face masks have become a part of our clothing and information since the Corona epidemic. Now the Japanese company has developed a face mask to enhance your voice in social distance, and fast translation in eight languages.

This mask works through an app and if you say something it can translate it into many languages and if someone is unable to convey their voice due to social distance then the mask can be used through a loudspeaker. It can increase the volume.

This technology is now being used to facilitate social distance and communication, for which an app has also been developed. According to Donut Robotics, the mask has holes in the front for breathing.

According to the company, these holes are large and cannot stop the corona virus, but the real job of this mask is to translate and amplify your voice, and these masks will do the job well.

According to the company, the mask is made of plastic and silicone. It has a state-of-the-art microchip that can connect the wearer’s Smartphone to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This way you can translate between Spanish, French, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, English and Japanese. That is, these eight languages can be translated into each other.

Earlier, the company only wanted to make a translator tool, but that is why it was changed to a face mask after the introduction of Code 19. The company was started in a garage in 2014 and aims to develop small helper robots for the betterment of the world. The translator mask is designed for tourists who have difficulty knowing the language at the airport or are disturbed by a foreign language in another country. The company says it’s better than the Google API.

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