What do specific colors of things say?

Every day we see so many things in our lives that have certain colors in them, so many of us must have considered whether this is the color of the thing.

Today we will respond to all these curiosities that arise in your mind.

Why is the color of a commercial airplane white?

The reason for choosing white color for commercial aircraft is that the white color on the plane reflects the rays of the sun, that is, when the sunlight falls on the plane, the white color turns it on rather than absorbing the light. Due to the light reflected the ship is not too hot while the sun is not damaged by the rays and the white color helps to keep the temperature inside the ship cool. Another reason for the commercial aircraft’s white color is that when the airplane is landed, it takes less time for the aircraft to cool down due to the white color.

Why are car tires black?

Rubber is used to make the tire used in the car, and when it is made of rubber tire, its color is white but the ‘carbon’ is mixed in this white rubber tire. Which makes the tire strong and durable.
Using carbon in the tire increases the durability of the tire as well as removing heat or heat and protecting the tire from the dangerous rays of the sun.

Why is the taxi yellow?

The main reason for the taxi’s color yellow is that it is easily visible to the eyes, while in the dark, passengers are not comfortable with the easy road separating the taxi from the rest.
The reason for choosing a yellow for a taxi is because the yellow makes it easy to identify the taxi.

Why is football in black and white?

In the beginning, football used to be completely white, but then Adidas, a leading football company, also added black. The reason for the inclusion of black in football was that only the white and black were visible on the TV screen at that time, and when Adidas put black on white football, it was on the TV screen. More clearly visible.

Why is toilet paper white?

The color of the toilet paper is white because it is bleached after making, when the toilet paper is produced it is brown which is then bleached and made white.
Toilet paper is not made in white and in color because the company needs to ‘dye’ to change its color and the company will need more money to dye, which is why it Sold without dye.
On the other hand, many doctors say that toilet paper with different dye than white does not prove to be good for health.

Why is the logo of the social media platforms blue?

Have you ever wondered why the color of most social media platforms is blue? Why are the logos of all these apps, like Facebook, Messenger, Skype, LinkedIn, Twitter blue?

This is because blue is directly related to rationality and mind and also to communication with one another.
Blue also represents protection, which is why the owners of all these platforms have chosen blue for the logo of these apps, keeping in mind the user interaction and security.