Time Is Money, Don’t Waste It

Time is money, don’t waste it. At during lockdown. Use each of these days as an opportunity to build new skills, discover hobbies, and do the work you have always wanted to do.
The SalmonMag Team has compiled a list of ideas for you to discover.

  1. Give your house a makeover, Tired of seeing the same old seating / eating arrangements, day in, day out? With the complete development of Lockdown, it will help revitalize the decor and give your home a new look. Can be a good time Change curtains, move your tables, chairs and sofas around the house to try out new combinations. Aside from burning good calories, who knows, this activity can help you hit the reset button and help you avoid old age fraud.
  2. Find the bookworm in you, To be honest this is a wise one. In addition to being a great entertainer, this can be a great use of my time, simply because you will increase your knowledge of people, society, history and culture. Plus, research shows that reading books makes you better and more sympathetic. Perhaps the secret of going through one of these times is hidden in any of the books that have been long read in your bookcase?
  3. Show yourself some love, Your pet’s grip is that you never find time for yourself? Over the next three weeks, some will be involved in self-care. Make a fee pack using ingredients at home. This is a simple hack: Mix three teaspoons of lemon juice with a spoon of turmeric powder, apply it to your face, leave it on for 15-20 minutes and then wash off. This will keep your face moist and shiny.
  4. Build a new body, You need 3 weeks of activity to become a habit. Although it has been rejected, fitness experts will confirm that you can see the effects of exercise right now. If you are thinking about getting involved, try palettes, or join an exercise class at home. Many fitness trainers are currently offering online classes so follow their social media pages to find out the best way for them.
  5. Simplify your life, As the supply of food items is slowly dwindling, it’s a good time to re-evaluate what you consider ‘essential’. Most of us have got a lot of stuff that complicates our lives. We feel stressed and itchy, trying to keep them and keep track of them. Try and find out what you really need and don’t. It’s a good time to trimming and lightens it sometime. Sure, experience will help you get a completely different perspective on your life. You will understand the number of things you see in your daily life, and the few things you really need.
  6. Do an online course; skill up/re-skill, Many famous universities offer free online courses. They contain everything from public speech to block-chain technology and everything in between. There are many online learning websites that charge you for courses, but it will cost time and money. Check out sites like Edema, Skill share, Corsair and more. Some companies’ human resources departments are asking their employees to become skilled during lockdown. Try to return to your office with a set of skills that can serve you in the future.
  7. Start a online book club, It’s a good time to start an online club like no other. Decide on a book or a theme that your circle wants to explore and get cracking. In fact, a book club can be a great way to get to know more of you and expand your circle. To help the book club become a lively, lively forum for debate and to avoid getting into controversy, set several ground rules, such as “agree with a consensus”, “let’s hear it all”.
  8. Join the conversation, Do not keep tabs on your extended network or redeem a former one but really engage with this medium. Take part in sports with social media challenges and tags that are doing the rounds. Use your Instagram stories or your tweets to start crowdfunding recommendations, conversations. This can help you reconnect with old friends, engage in long-running conversations.
  9. Quit a bad habit, Try to overcome the bad habit you’ve always wanted to overcome: Smoking, sugar or caffeine dependence The science behind breaking a bad habit: Know your motivations; make life-changing changes (hello, quarantine). ) Or replace your bad habit with a good place.
  10. Get organized, We’ve all found a drawer (or more) full of paperwork that we never had time to look at and organize. Whether it’s bills, receipts, doctor’s prescriptions, insurance or financial documents, turn this mountain into a detour using your lockdown time. In addition to freeing up space and de-cluttering your storage, you’ll have the added benefit of filing all critical documents in one place so you don’t overturn your home when you really need it. An important document you don’t need a physical copy? Digitize them! Take a photo or scan them to convert them to PDFs using free apps such as Adobe Scan. Store them on cloud-based storage platforms, so you have access to 24/7.
  11. Spend some time in Gardening, With all the time spent at home, it’s a good idea to bring in outdoor living, and the easiest way to do this is to grow a home garden. Not only do plants make your home more aesthetic, they also purify the air, give you a fun way to stay fit and at the same time add to your meal. Vegetables such as tomatoes, eggplant, pumpkin, peppers, bell peppers, onions, gourd and pots are easy to grow at home because mint, lemongers, basil, mustard, coriander, garlic, ginger, or even green, such as spinach and lettuce. ۔ You will need a place that has at least 4 to 6 hours of sunlight, a source of water and any container 12 inches in diameter and height. You may be less harsh than house plants such as fixes, arrowheads or mini plants. Recycle old bottles, cans, utensils or crockery and use them as a planter instead.
  12. Relive your childhood, As a kid, most of us loved to play board games, whether it was Ludo, snakes and ladders or scrabble. Some of those games are still lying in a corner of the house, collecting dust. It’s time to brush the ashes and play with the family. Once you’ve done your homework, you can sit down with the family every evening for a day or two. Relax your childhood as you play with your children.
  13. Write your wish list for life post-lockdown, Some weeks or months is a long time, but you know it will pass. List all the things you want to do after the lockdown ends. Such as, playing football, just going back for a walk in the park, selling your old car or meeting a dentist.

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