Floatdeck Standing Desk Balance Board

Although it may seem contradictory to be physical while you work, there are also studies out there that say otherwise. If you are a proud owner of a standing desk, Floatech should be your next purchase. This is a balance board made just for your desk and can be used while you work. It’s impressively strong so it can withstand your weight all day long. The unique bottom has a clever design that forces your body to maintain balance when you stand up. As a result, you activate your core. Also, thanks to the rubber edges on the top of the bamboo. And, the upper part of the ample space for both feet is large enough that you won’t feel nauseous.

Precautions for using it:
Relax your feet by standing on it.
Don’t use it while sitting in a chair.

This gadgets expected Price is $250

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