Disadvantages of sleep deprivation

Good night’s sleep does not eat one’s heart, it not only makes your mood pleasant but also does not create unpleasant dark circles around the eyes, but sleeping for a reasonable period of time, including everything in your heart, weight and mind. Proves to be good for health. But today’s engagements have extended the average sleep duration to 6 hours (clinicians recommend sleeping for 7 to 8 hours).

Almost everyone knows the importance of good sleep, but you may not be aware of what can happen to you if you don’t. Here are just some of the disadvantages of getting less sleep. Have an impact on people.

As a result of sleepless nights, complaints of irritability and emotional numbness become common.
This came up in a medical study which found that negative emotions result in sleep apnea and affect office functioning.

Sleepless nights result in half a headache, while 36 to 58 percent of people who get measles suffer from headaches in the morning.

Low sleep results in the loss of the body’s hormone balance, resulting in a desire for high-calorie intake of food.
The ability to control your desires is lost and these two are very risky combinations as it results in obesity, while the feeling of exhaustion is always at odds.

Weakness of Vision:
Lack of sleep can also appear in the form of vision impairment, blurred vision, and a lack of vision. The more time you spend awake, the more likely you are to experience sleep disturbances while the likelihood of experiencing hallucinations increases.

Disease Heart:
During one study, people were not given sleep for 88 hours, resulting in elevated blood pressure, which was not surprising, but when these individuals were allowed to sleep for only 4 hours every night, heart rate increased. Increased while protein stored in the body increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Slow Response:
When sleep is not enough, the response to any event slows down.
During one study, people were given the task of making quick decisions, some of which were allowed to sleep during the test while others were not. Those who found gold successful showed better performance while others’ cars. The performance was worse and the action was much slower.

Do you know how powerful the body’s immune system can be, especially since there is no skin infection on an open wound? It is sleepy.
Even if you suffer from a lack of sleep, even a night’s sleep can have a negative impact on the body’s natural defense against germs.

Difficulty in Speaking:
Severe sleep apnea can cause you to stagger or speak up just like someone was addicted to.
During an investigation, volunteers were kept awake for 36 hours, after which they repeated words and repeated words while talking to someone, they began to speak in a slow and confusing manner, even with their own thoughts. It was not possible to express.

Chronic Stroke Sufferers:
If you are worried about being prone to diarrhea all the time and have a flu on the go, then one possible cause could be insufficient sleep. According to one study, people who get less than 7 hours of sleep There is a threefold risk of getting sick.

Stomach Disorders:
Gastric inflammation worsens as a result of lack of sleep.
Seven to eight hours of sleep significantly protects stomach disorders but increases the risk of falling.

According to a study, proper sleep deprivation reduces the risk of infertility, especially if women are less than 7 hours old they have a negative effect on their ability to stay pregnant. That sleep affects the bodily hormone system and too little sleep affects the hormone system of women, leading to the risk of infertility.
In another study, men also found that low sleep could increase the risk of childbirth, especially with less than six hours of sleep.

Feeling Hungry All The Time:
If the brain does not get the energy it receives from sleep, it makes it a source of food to get it, the lack of sleep increases the rate of hunger hormone, and consequently the body. Fat and sweet nutrients are needed all the time, lack of sleep affects hormone controlling hormone leptin and people overeat too much and they do not feel full stomach.